Tips & Advice Moving home is rated as being amongst the top five most stressful experiences.
We at Mr Shifter offer the following tips to make your moving experience less stressful.


We strongly advise that if possible, you achieve at least 2-3 weeks time gap between exchange of contract and completion.


We recommend contacting Mr Shifter at least 4-6 weeks before your intended move date if possible.


Get to know how much your removal is going to cost well in advance. Mr Shifter offer a professional service at affordable prices. For smaller moves where there are not so many items, we suggest opting for an hourly rate.


We would suggest packing early using proper removal boxes that we can provide at budget prices. If you decide to use your own boxes, please make sure they are sturdy. It is also worth knowing that if you don't box certain items, it can slow the move down and lead to breakages.


We would advise having Scissors, a Marker Pen, Packing Tape, Tissue Paper and Bubble Wrap handy.


Know what requires moving from each room in the property you are vacating, and mark clearly on the relevant boxes, which room they are going to at the new property. This saves us asking you which room each box is going in Remember to print write FRAGILE on any box containing delicate items.


Where possible, make sure all beds are dismantled and the pieces labelled and tied together, so you know how to put this back together at the new property. Make sure any bolts or screws are securely taped to the bed frame. Mr Shifter can provide this service if you prefer, but please be aware that this will take a bit of time..


We have to point out that any flat pack furniture is not insured on our company policy and is a general condition throughout the removal trade. Please make sure that large wardrobes are taken apart if they are (a) not going to get out of your old property, or (b) not going up the stairs in your new property. Mr Shifter can provide a disassemble and reassemble service at an extra cost. Smaller wardrobes must be completely empty.


Please make sure that all chest of drawers are empty. Table legs must be removed from tables where they pose a problem when leaving and entering a property.


Please ensure these are disconnected and the electric flex is taped to the appliance. Computers should be fully stripped down.


If you intend to take these with you, please make sure you organise dismantling and setting up.


Where possible, please empty fridges/freezers. Washing machines must be drained of water and retaining bolts should be used to secure the drum.


Where possible, please wrap these in bubble wrap, but remember, NEVER wrap oil paintings in bubble wrap as if left in direct sunlight, could cause the oil to melt.


Please make sure all your delicate and fragile items are carefully wrapped and the boxes marked accordingly.


These must be pointed out when the removal quote is being assessed. There is nothing worse than finding out once the van is full, that we still have to accommodate 30 potted plants and 10 garden gnomes!


Please make sure that these can be moved both OUT of your old property, and just as importantly, they will fit INTO your new property. Town houses are not very sofa-friendly to large sofas. If you have any doubts on this subject, please inform us prior to the move.


Removal companies do not insure jewellery unless listed seperately. We strongly advise that you move these items yourself.


If you are organised, you will be amazed at how much easier the move will become!

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